We have built a new outdoor pavilion to handle groups larger than 80 people, and maintain the social distancing required by the CDC.  All groups smaller than 80 are welcome to use the clubhouse.  We have reconfigured the inside paying close attention to social distancing at all tables, on all levels of the facility.  Common areas Such as bathrooms, are cleaned and disinfected on a regular basis.  

For hunting we will take care of each group on a comfort level that they want.

NO CONTACT - You can call from your car and check in verbally.  We will assign your area to hunt in.  You go directly to your area.  When you are done hunting call the clubhouse and leave your harvested game on the rack and we will bring your cleaned birds to you car or leave them in a designated pick up area.

MINIMAL CONTACT - We can have a sign in and liability sheet on a table outside the clubhouse you and your guest sign in we will assign your hunting area.  You go out hunt your area when done hunting we meet you outside or one representative comes in for bird counts.  Your birds are bagged and you pick them up on the table outside the clubhouse.  

SAFE ENVIRONMENT -  we have restructured the interior of the clubhouse with the pandemic in mind.  Tables, common areas, sitting places have been kept apart following guide lines set forth by the CDC.  So you can literally pick you level of comfort.  Mask are currently required inside the clubhouse, but this may be subject to change according to the event.  For example you would use a mask entering clubhouse, but remove it while seated and eating.

If you have any further questions call the club at 651-439-4287.  We look forward to seeing you for a safe good time in the outdoors!

Jeff Hughes Owner