Annual Events

Annual 2021-22 Event Schedule

August 18th                          Fall Sporting Clays Opens
September 11th                       Opening Day for hunting Season
October 2nd & 3rd                 *Super Pheasant Hunt (all roosters)   
November 20th & 21st             *Thanksgiving Hunts (Turkeys for everyone)
December 4th                          Chukar Covey Hunt & Chili Cook off Contest
January 8th                              European Hunt (pigeons) 500
February 5st                         European Hunt (pigeons) 1000
February 19th                       Member’s Hunting Trial
TBD                                    March Madness Covey Hunt
April Date TBD                         *End of the season hunts TBD

                                                    CLAYS LEAGUES
August 18th  – September 30th   Fall Sporting Clays Leagues 2021 (3-5man teams 6 rounds) 
January - February               Winter Sporting Clays Leagues 2022 (3-5 man teams 6 rounds)
March 26th - May 19th           Spring Sporting Clays Leagues 2022 (3-5 man teams 6 rounds)

The events listed are approximate and may have to be changed for various reasons beyond our control.  All dates with * by them are the more popular events and reservations should be made well in advance. 

Wild Wings is a nontoxic shot facility (no lead allowed on the grounds). 

 Club House hours are 8:00 a.m. to 10:00 p.m.   We are closed on Mondays and all Major Holidays.  All Canceled hunts must be faxed in to the club, or call and receive a cancellation number.